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Thanks for riding Omloop Het Nieuwsblad Cyclo, we hope you had a unforgettable cycling experience in the Flemish Ardennes !

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Next challenge: Sunday the 15th of March in Nokere for Nokere Koerse Cyclo.

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SPORTOGRAF.COM is the official photo service of the Omloop Het Nieuwsblad Sportive. These photographers have acquired a good reputation in recent years with their fully digital service and competitive prizes.

In view of the fact that they themselves are active cyclists, they have an outstanding feeling from the perspective of the participant.

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As a true Flandrien, you must surely feel a calling, because this tour has everything you want from a spring ride. From cobblestones to Flemish climbs, Omloop Het Nieuwsblad Sportive has it all. The biggest challenge is 154 km, starting and finishing in Ghent. 'T Kuipke is your starting point for a tour that was completed by the pros the day before. Kerkgate, Jagerij, Paddestraat and Haaghoek will test whether you really do love cobblestones. In between, you will stretch your legs on classics such as the Molenberg, Leberg, Berendries and Valkenberg. Your ultimate challenge lies in Geraardsbergen, with the Muur and Kapelmuur, followed by the ascent of the Bosberg. On top of that, with provisions in Oudenaarde, Brakel and Zottegem, this tour is a true showcase of the Flemish Ardennes.

Is that challenge a bit much for you at the start of a new season? You can also set off for 106 km, with a dosed amount of challenges along the way. Or if you prefer to enjoy the beautiful region between Ghent and Zottegem in a more relaxed way, you might want to sign up for a 70 km tour through the Flemish Ardennes.

Get acquainted with some legendary locations from the world of cycling below!

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1 Ghent

Our sportive is moving from Ninove to Ghent in 2020. Ghent, the capital of East Flanders, is where the opening classic for cycling tourists will start and finish. So go ahead and make a wonderful Ghent weekend of it with a visit to the professional race and your own Omloop Het Nieuwsblad one day later.

(all distances)

Parcours Molenberg

2 Molenberg

You will probably be a bit out of breath when you reach the top, after a maximum gradient of 14.2% on a climb where you bump from one uneven cobblestone to the next. A true Flandrien doesn't shy away from this iconic slope that starts at that famous little bridge.

(all distances)

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Parcours Haaghoek

3 Haaghoek & Leberg

Even though a 1.7 km long undulating cobbled strip is waiting for you in Sint-Kornelis-Horebeke, you can still breathe a sigh of relief. You only have to conquer the Haaghoek once. The pros are challenged to no fewer than three passages over this section, with the result that a serious selection is made in the opening classic. And we mustn't forget to mention that after the Haaghoek, the "great plain", the narrow and steep Leberg, soon awaits!

(154 km - 106 km)

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Parcours Berendries

4 Berendries

The circuit of the opening classic is full of household names. The Berendries is one of them. A challenging calf muscle tester in Brakel without cobblestones, but with clear figures: 940 metres of climbs, with an average incline of 7%, peaking at 12.3%.

(154 km - 106 km)

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Parcours Muur Van Geraardsbergen

5Muur Van Geraardsbergen

Before cyclists of the longest distance gradually begin to dream of Ghent, the most iconic climb awaits in Geraardsbergen. A maximum gradient of almost 20% and 1 km of cobblestones await you on the ascent of the Muur and Kapelmuur. Enjoy the atmosphere on this stretch of cycling heaven on earth!

(154 km)

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Parcours Bosberg

6 Bosberg

Atop the Kapelmuur you'll need to take a moment to get your breath back, and rightly so. Although it won't be long before the next effort comes along. One last climb on cobblestones and then towards Ghent. But be careful, you're not there yet. There's still something tasty waiting for you in the Zottegem region.

(154 km)

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Parcours Paddestraat

7 Paddestraat

Take advantage of the provisions in Zottegem, because this challenge is still to come: A bumpy ride of 2,300 metres in length at the Paddestraat! Once you have left there, you can gradually start dreaming of the finish line in Ghent.

(all distances)

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